Ground Investigation, a Necessary Evil

Before any kind of construction takes place, it is a requirement to hire ground workers. Contractors get associated with pipes and structures but there is a first step before any kind of preparation can take place. We are talking about the ground investigation.

Did you know that the condition of the ground could drastically change a project?


Soil is just soil, right? This is a common misconception, people underestimate what could possibly be underground ready to get discovered. The main purpose of ground investigation is to find any kind of groundwater, boreholes and any other type of obstruction that could possibly stop the construction plans.


All of the contractors for groundworks Wolverhampton based have learned the techniques to determine the condition of the soil. Some of these techniques include:

· Trial pit: As its name indicates, it is a pit excavated by hand or using an excavator. They could go as deep as 5 m. and they are used to study the condition of the soil, especially when there is a risk of pollution that requires extra investigating.

· Windowless boreholes: Ground workers acquire a sample of the soil through a tube, it is a good option for location with limited spaces. It is also used when there is suspicions of groundwater or natural gas.

· Rotary boreholes: Some locations require more invasive techniques and workers are forced to drill the ground. It is a way to take samples of rocks and it can go 100 m. deep.

· Sonic drill: By far the less effective technique, it uses high frequencies oscillations to determine the presence of specific geological conditions.


Ground investigation is an expensive job that takes time and sometimes invasive techniques but it should not be avoided.

What could happen if a construction starts without a ground investigation? Let’s say the project is a building, workers start digging to place the foundations but as they advance, the site keeps on flooding. Later on they discover there is groundwater and they will have to drain it and find a way to prevent any future flooding. All of this could have been prevented with a previous ground investigation.

Any contractor for Groundworks Wolverhampton located will recommend an extensive ground investigation before the project starts. Having all of the facts at hand could prevent incidents and the waste of resources.